Association of Scientists 2013 Annual Conference On Scientists’ Rights Izmir –Turkey

It is my pleasure to join you for the closing of the annual conference on scientists rights. Democracy is the art of a society. Scientists play a central part in democratic societies. Scientists need to work actively against any forms of oppression, and for social justice We need to bring our full selves to our organizing and take care of ourselves. A scientific organizing is about integrating science and democracy into democratic strategies. Some of the most powerful change happens in the intersections of scientists and society, it is not fully accepted by the authorities and parts of society in Turkey. There exist a number of academics and researchers who sought to conduct or have conducted academic research on the cultural issue were penalized through various of means in Turkey. Book censorship in Turkey also appears to be a complex mix of issues. Association of Scientists seeks to collaborate with all scientists whose work promote freedom and responsibility in the conduct of science. Leadership and management are highly gendered at universities in Turkey. Turkey should develop a national policy for gender in higher education and equally set up administrative structures . Policies of equal opportunity and anti-discrimination in favor women , will likely result in remarkable numerical increase and rice hierarch for female academics in institutions where the chief executive is supportive of women. We hope that other non-governmental institutions will play an active role in the public debate around these proposals. Once again, I would like to extend our deep gratitude to Kaan Med and Dr. Hakan Tartan (Mayor of Konak) for their support to this successful and fruitful conference

Thank you. We look forward to meeting you soon at one of our events.


Scientific Advisory Board

Organizing Committee



  • We would like thank Dr. Hakan Tartar, Mayor of Konak, for sponsorship


  • We would like to thank KAANMED for sponsorship http://www.kaanmed.com.tr